Welcome to the Chasey Lain Video Download Site! Chasey Lain is quite possibly the most desired woman of all-time in porn. Chasey Lain has it all! Chasey has a stunning beautiful face and incredible body including the best ass ever. It's hard to say what is Chasey's best asset, but one thing is for sure. Chasey Lain's eyes say it all. She has the best "fuck me" look in the history of adult entertainment. One look at Chasey and men go wild. Club Chasey Lain has digitally remastered her early movies from VHS for you to download today. We have used today's modern technology to digitize and enhance Chasey's early 1990's footage. You can enjoy hour-after-hour of Chasey Lain here. This is a must for all Chasey Lain fans.

Pornstar Chasey Lain began her career as a stripper working in Florida. It wasn't long before she was noticed... Alexis De Vell discovered Chasey Lain, convincing her that there was big money to be made in the movies. Chasey took Ms. De Vell's advice, and off she went to the West Coast, where Wicked Pictures' producers quickly snatched her up, signing her to an exclusive contract. After she arrived, Chasey took advantage of her opportunities, including using her first film to augment her already gorgeous figure: During the shooting of her first film, The Original Wicked Woman, Chasey Lain got her breasts augmented, wrapping the film with a brand new profile. (All this happened between her shooting schedule!) She's been nominated for AVN awards, and has made Film Buff a very popular company. Currently, when Chasey isn't on the road dancing, she's working hard on expanding her acting career by establishing a mainstream film career for herself. She's appeared on numerous shows, including HBO's, Tales From the Crypt. And now, get this... Chasey has a life size latex "love doll" replica of herself now on sale. Imagine... You could come home to Chasey Lain every single night!


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